No-Code MVP

Learn the mindset, process and tools to rapidly turn your idea into a first product you can test with real customers, all without knowing or learning how to code.
1. Introduction
Welcome to No-Code MVP!
5 mins
Why this course?
3 mins
Assignment: Why are you here?
Getting (into) the right mindset
14 mins
Lean Startup 101 (what is it really?)
14 mins
Add-on: Running Lean in a Corporate Environment
7 mins
What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
19 mins
The MVP Experiment Canvas
5 mins
Introduction takeaways
Reading list
2. Your big idea
Assignment: Mapping your "Big Idea"
2 mins
Big idea example: "Homeworth Direct"
3. Understanding your customers and their problems
Interviewing your potential customers
12 mins
Analyzing your interviews
4 mins
Assignment: Choosing the customer segment for your MVP
2 mins
Quiz: are these Good or Bad customer interview questions?
Reading list
4. Turning your idea into a value proposition
How to write a Value Proposition
6 mins
Assignment: Your MVP's Value Proposition
Reading list
5. Setting up your MVP Experiment - Part 1
Choosing your distribution channel(s)
8 mins
Engaging your customer segment
4 mins
What are your riskiest assumptions?
8 mins
Choosing your Experiment Format
8 mins
Reading list
6. The tools to build an MVP without code
Intro: the tools for this course
1 min
Build a website with Carrd
29 mins
Build a "database" with Google Sheets, Docs & Google drive
3 mins
Build an "embeddable database" with Airtable
4 mins
Send "notification" and newsletters emails with Gmail & Revue
3 mins
Manage tasks with Trello
4 mins
Build and automate workflows with Zapier
11 mins
Receive payments with Stripe
7 mins
Get insights with Google Analytics
9 mins
Design resources
4 mins
Other No-Code tools to explore
5 mins
7. Setting up your MVP Experiment - Part 2
Your MVP's scenario and workflow
4 mins
Which metrics are you going to measure?
2 mins
When is your experiment a success?
2 mins
8. Step-by-step building guides
Intro: the building guides
2 mins
Building a No-Code MVP to capture leads
10 mins
Building a No-Code MVP for a "Marketplace"
21 mins
Building a No-Code MVP for an "On-Demand Service"
21 mins
Building a No-Code MVP to (pre-)sell digital products
19 mins
Building a No-Code MVP for a "Productized Service"
16 mins
Building a No-Code MVP for a "Service business"
18 mins
9. Launching & Learning from your MVP experiment
Before the launch
3 mins
Turning Results into Learnings & Insights
2 mins
Next steps: Pivot, Pursue or Stop?
4 mins
This is not the end!
4 mins
Share your idea / MVP / product to receive feedback!
Reading list
What do you think of the course?
MVP review and interview with Brad Jasper of
19 mins
The ultimate No-Code MVP Reading List
A simple framework to name your next product
468 KB
Course Documents & Worksheets
1. Business Model Canvas
38.3 KB
2. MVP Experiment Canvas
681 KB
3. Customer Interview Topic Map - Worksheet
43.4 KB
4. Customer Interviews Analysis Document - Worksheet
77.9 KB
5. Value Proposition Canvas
27.2 KB
6. Value Proposition Description - worksheet
40.4 KB
7. Channels Ranking Tool - worksheet
47.3 KB
8. Riskiest Assumptions Ranking Tool - worksheet
64 KB
9. No-Code MVP Experiment Timeline
10. Validation Canvas
22.2 KB