6. The tools to build an MVP without code

Before continuing with our experiment setup, you will get acquainted with a selection of tools you can use to build your own No-Code MVP. I will also give you tips on where to find design assets you can use and share some other tools that are also very good, but not covered in this course.
6. The tools to build an MVP without code
Intro: the tools for this course
1 min
Build a website with Carrd
29 mins
Build a "database" with Google Sheets, Docs & Google drive
3 mins
Build an "embeddable database" with Airtable
4 mins
Send "notification" and newsletters emails with Gmail & Revue
3 mins
Manage tasks with Trello
4 mins
Build and automate workflows with Zapier
11 mins
Receive payments with Stripe
7 mins
Get insights with Google Analytics
9 mins
Design resources
4 mins
Other No-Code tools to explore
5 mins