No-Code MVP 👨‍💻

Learn the mindset, process and tools to turn your business idea into a first product you can test with real potential customers - without writing a single line of code.
First things first
Welcome to No-Code MVP!
1 min
Why this course?
The truth about ideas
The NO CODE MVP dictionary
Assignment #1: Why are you here?
1. An introduction to Lean Startup
Getting (into) the right mindset
The Lean Startup Framework
What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?
(Why) should you work with an MVP?
Reading list
2. Understanding your potential customers and their problems
Why problems are more important than (ideas for) solutions
Interviewing your potential customers
Researching your potential customers and their problems
Mapping your customers and their problems
Defining your most promising customer segment (Minimum Viable Segment)
Assignment #2: Share your customer interview framework and your interview results
Assignment #3: Map your most promising potential customers and their problems
Reading list
3. Turning your idea into a solid value proposition
An introduction to the Lean Canvas
Defining your idea's value proposition and differentiation
Researching alternative and competitive solutions
Assignment #4: Define your value proposition and map it on the Lean canvas
Reading list
4. Turning your value proposition into an MVP
What are your (riskiest) assumptions?
Creating your MVP experiment sheet
Defining the minimum requirements to provide value
Define your workflow
Deciding on the tools to use
Tips & Tricks
Assignment #5: Map your riskiest assumptions and fill out your MVP experiment sheet
Assignment #6: Define your MVP's workflow
Reading list
5. The tools to build an MVP without code
Intro: the tools for this course
Build a website with Carrd
Build a workflow with Zapier
Extend your workflow with Trello
Build a database with Google Sheets & Google drive
Alternative: Build a database with Airtable
Send emails with Revue
Send drip campaigns with Mailshake
Receive payments with Stripe
Get insights with Google Analytics
Find design assets you can use
Other valuable and relevant tools
6. Step-by-step building guides
Building a Marketplace without code
Building a Lead Capture website without code
Building an On-Demand Service without code
Selling a product directly to customers without code
Building a consulting / service business without code
Building a newsletter landing page without code
7. Launching and learning from your MVP experiment
Where to find your MVP's first users
MVP Launch checklist
Executing your MVP experiment
Gathering feedback and learnings
Analyzing your MVP experiment: pivot, pursue or stop?
Assignment #7: What have you learned from your MVP experiment?
Reading list
8. Next steps
Prioritizing your future roadmap
Working towards a more complex product
Failure = progress
This is not the end
Assignment #8: Share your idea / MVP / product to receive feedback!
Review: what do you think of my course?
How I build, launched and sold a No-Code MVP product
A guide to naming your product
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MVP review and interview with Brad Jasper of
19 mins