When is your experiment a success?

We've arrived at step 9 of the MVP Experiment Canvas! We know what type of experiment we're going to run and which metrics we want to measure when it's live. The last step before we launch our MVP is to define when our experiment will be successful.

Assignment: Define your MVP Experiment's success criteria, when will it be a success?

When you've done this we'll continue with the next chapter where I will take you through the setup, process and tools to build 6 real life, and working, "No-Code MVP's".

This is how I define a successful outcome for Homeworth Direct's MVP:

“I will run the experiment with at least 250 visitors to Homeworth Direct's website and define it a success when 10 visitors become a customer by paying for a home valuation report. This represents a conversion rate of 4%.”

This is my filled-in MVP Experiment canvas (step 1-9) for Homeworth Direct: