Assignment: Your MVP's Value Proposition

Now that you know how to define and write a Value Proposition it's time to do this for your MVP!

First, fill out the left side of the Value Proposition Canvas, then continue to write your Value Proposition using one of the two formats.

⚠️ If you want to brainstorm multiple ideas you can use a worksheet that I've made (Excel / Numbers / Google sheet files): 

When you're finished writing the value proposition for your chosen customer segment, we're going to continue with defining your MVP further!

Example: the Value Proposition for Homeworth Direct's MVP:

My company, Homeworth Direct,
is developing an Online Service
to help first time homeowners,
quickly get a digital market valuation report of their home,
for the fraction of the cost compared to a traditional appraiser.
For first time homeowners
who are looking to sell their house
our online service Homeworth Direct is a home valuation calculator
that quickly gets hem a digital market valuation report of their home
unlike an external appraiser
our offer comes at a fraction of their cost.

The full Value Proposition Canvas for Homeworth Direct (click to view larger image):

My value proposition added to the MVP Experiment Canvas (click to view larger image):