Assignment: Choosing the customer segment for your MVP

Now that you've analyzed your interviews, it's time to identify and choose the customer segment that we're going to build an MVP for. 

As mentioned in the previous videos, we’re looking for Innovators and Early adopters who:

  1. Have the problem
  2. Are aware of having the problem
  3. Have been actively looking for a solution
  4. Have put together a solution by themselves
  5. Have a “budget” to acquire a solution

Can you pick a customer segment based on your interview analysis that would experience the most value from a first MVP Experiment? Also think if you can learn from them. The goal of an MVP is to deliver value but also capture value back.

Pick a segment before you continue:
  1. Name it
  2. Define what they are trying to achieve or get done in their work or life
  3. What is annoying or troubling and preventing them from getting the job done?
  4. What would make them happy and their life easier?

My chosen customer segment for "Homeworth Direct" on the Value Proposition Canvas (click image to view full size)

My chosen customer segment for "Homeworth Direct" on the MVP Experiment Canvas (click image to view full size)